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An Experienced Mediator Serving Dartmouth, Halifax & Inverness, Nova Scotia

While we are not strangers to the courtroom, the professional team at M. Hill Law Office & Mediation Services always prefer to find a means of settling cases without the need for going to court whenever possible. We have successfully assisted clients in many cases involving divorce and child custody, property division and support, and other family law issues.

Marion Hill LLB has 19 years of experience as a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator serving Dartmouth, Halifax, Kentville and Inverness County, Nova Scotia. As an experienced professional, she is committed to finding the best solution for her clients’ legal needs, using out-of-court processes such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative law.

Marion Hill LLB, Chartered Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer and Certified Arbitrator

I have been established in the general practice of law for the last approximately 19 years, with a keen interest and focus in my practice of resolving legal disputes outside the court process and the management of conflict as it arises in the course of legal disputes between parties. Management of conflict and the use of alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, collaborative law, restorative justice and arbitration are efficient and cost-effective alternatives to adversarial court solutions.

My legal services firm was established in 2002, has a growing client base of those clients that are interested in the unbundling of legal services due to access to the legal system and affordability. Additionally, we offer the full continuum of legal services to enable you to resolve the matter outside the court process. As managing lawyer in our offices, I was certified in Negotiation and Conflict Management with Dalhousie University/ Henson College in 2000, certified in Mediation with Family Mediation Nova Scotia in 2002, certified in Collaborative Law in 2007, as well as Arbitration certification in the year 2016. We offer a full complement of legal services affording the parties tailored solutions and options to fit their legal circumstances and problems.

Our Mission statement “is to reach out to those in the legal system, including self-represented parties, providing cost-effective services in the form of un-complicating the legal process, finding a process that fits the problem and the parties, assistance with self-represented court document preparation and packages. We are helping hands, assisting with management of the conflict, tailoring solutions and empowerment of parties in the legal system in terms of assistance with legal information and document preparation.”

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