Arbitration in Halifax & Dartmouth as An Alternative to In-Court Litigation

Arbitration in the Halifax and Dartmouth Region offers an expeditious and cost-effective alternative to in-court litigation and can be used to provide a resolution to any type of legal dispute, including family and business law, labour law, government, and more.

We can provide a certified arbitrator as a decision-maker to act as a facilitator to attempt to reach an agreement between the parties involved. The arbitrator acts as a facilitator to assist the parties with reaching a legally binding agreement through the means of structured discussion and the parties have the right to independent counsel and representation by their respective independent counsel throughout the process. Both parties are involved in the decision to retain the arbitrator with the understanding that in the event the arbitrator cannot build consensus between the parties, the arbitrator has the authority to make the final decision relating to unresolved issues. All parties sign an agreement outlining the terms of their understanding in the arbitration process.

Why Arbitration?

  • Can be used to resolve disputes in both the private and public sector
  • Faster and less expensive than litigation
  • Simplified civil procedure and evidence rules compared to litigation
  • Arbitration provides more flexibility in scheduling
  • Arbitrations are normally private and confidential; filings, documents and transcripts associated with it are usually not made public
  • Encourages mutual respect and cooperation
  • Allows for flexibility of the parties to come to an agreement amongst themselves if possible; however, provides finality in the form of the arbitrator having the ability to make a final decision on the unresolved points

To learn more about your arbitration options, contact our office today to schedule a Skype conference or teleconference case review.

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