Choose M. Hill Law Office & Mediation Services for Mediation in the Halifax & Dartmouth Region

Our offices offer mediation by a neutral trained legal professional certified in mediation, with the additional benefit of the assistance of a professional with a legal understanding of your problems and skilled in document drafting. The mediator assists the parties in negotiating a settlement and ratifying a legally binding agreement.

The parties participating in the mediation are entitled to meet with their independent counsel throughout the mediation process, as the mediator provides legal information and not independent legal advice.

Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator will draft all the required legal documents and provide such to the parties to be reviewed by their independent counsel for ratification and independent legal advice. Marion Hill, LLB. is a certified collaborative lawyer and mediator serving clients in Halifax, Dartmouth and communities throughout the Annapolis Valley, Inverness, Cape Breton, as well as other outlying regions. Contact her today to discuss whether mediation is right for your needs.

Why Mediation?

  • Uses one neutral lawyer and certified mediator to assist the parties with understanding their legal problems and look for legal solutions cooperatively to create a win-win for both parties
  • The parties are provided with legal information during the process to help them make informed decisions
  • The parties themselves determine the outcome and the solutions
  • The mediator is a neutral facilitator of the process; his purpose is mediation to effect potential agreement between the parties
  • The parties are provided with a legally binding agreement, based on the agreed-upon terms of the parties and subject to each party having the right to review the agreement with independent legal advice
  • Shared legal costs/cost effective
  • Resolve your legal problems in a time-efficient manner
  • Protect the long-term integrity of relationships and family

Please click this link to view a PDF copy of my mediation contract: Mediation Contract.

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