Certified in Negotiation & Conflict Management in Halifax & Dartmouth

Negotiation and conflict management are useful skills to use both in your career and in daily life. However, sometimes the parties involved in a disagreement cannot reach an arrangement on their own and professional assistance is required in order to reach a resolution. Training on the use of conflict management techniques and non-adversarial dispute resolution processes are to everyone's advantage within your organization, as such techniques and processes assist organizations with avoiding the escalation of conflicts and the necessity of future court proceedings and costs.

Marion Hill, LLB is certified in Negotiation and Conflict Management in Halifax through a program of study established by Dalhousie University Law School and Henson College. She is skilled in methods of conflict management, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. She is willing to work as a consultant and in a training capacity to assist corporate, government or business associations with designing processes and support training to deal with workplace conflict and resolution.

Mediation/Conflict Management Interactive Training Session (Certification Program)

  • Mediation process defined
  • Identifying individual reactions to conflict
    • Exercise: How I Act in Conflict
  • Mediation as tool to assist in negotiating a resolution to conflict
    • Separation of people from problem
    • Mediation as problem solving tool
    • Interests vs. positions
    • Brainstorming for options
    • Creating a win/win
  • Phases of mediation
    • Mediator's introduction
    • Opening statement of parties to dispute
    • Joint sessions/ caucusing
    • Agreement writing
  • Mediation role plays/debriefing
  • Mediation ethics and strategies

Reference materials provided with excerpts from:

Cornelius, Helena & Faire, Shoshana. Everyone Can Win: How to Resolve Conflict. Simon & Schuster Australia, Roseville, NSW 1989.

Slaikeu, Karl A., When Push Comes to Shove: A Practical Guide to Mediating Disputes. Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Fransico 1996.

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